Sunday, June 23, 2013

Comfy Home Recordings

moonvoice is the first artist to be signed to indie label Comfy Home recordings.

in other news:
- a release date for the EP Modern Man/Modern Machine will be posted in the next week
- the second song from the EP will be posted to the bandcamp page on July 1st.
- "Stubborn Man" will be available for free download until July 1st.

thank you.

C, Comfy Home recordings

Thursday, June 20, 2013

this is a blog about music

to whom it may concern,

I decided I was frustrated with trying to write and record songs the traditional way. I also decided I'm tired of being lazy and not recording/releasing music. so, I am releasing an ep before the end of July titled Modern Man/Modern Machine. it will be recorded entirely on my phone using the stock voice recorder app. it will then be mixed as little as possible in ableton and thats it.

the first track, "Stubborn Man", is up on the bandcamp page now.

I will release another song, then the full ep. enjoy.

-cm, moonvoice